Vendor Insights is a new offering that helps our clients optimize their vendor engagements, both in evaluating the current vendors they work with, and in choosing new vendors with confidence. Vendor Insights includes:


Dynamic Vendor Inventory

· Over 1600 fact-based vendor profiles that are continuously updated by the service providers themselves, eliminating the need to manage RFIs (requests for information), and making it fast and easy to identify partners for your next project

· Easy customization allowing you to mark vendors who are on your preferred list, have MSAs in place, etc for easy sorting and filtering by users


Supplier Evaluation Process

· Live meeting, telephone, and/or electronic collection of satisfaction ratings and reviews from all vendor touchpoints within your company to ensure a complete and accurate depiction of performance

· Internal report card to identify areas where vendors need to improve their performance and where they are doing well


Peer Ratings and Reviews

· Ratings and reviews of vendors from all of your peers so that you can quickly compare what your vendors are delivering versus the industry standard

· Rankings of vendors within each functional area so you can identify best-in-class service providers for your next project